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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cold Water and Menstruation

Many newspapers around the community as a trusted menstruation should not drink cold water during menstruation because it can cause menstrual blood is not smooth out and leave the rest in the uterine wall. Really like that?
Due to the assumption that, many women are afraid to drink cold water during her menstrual periods, because they thought the cold water  can make menstrual blood is not smooth.
This fear became increasingly because many who think that the remainder of menstrual blood in the uterus within 5 years or more can cause cysts, tumors and even cancer of the uterus.
However, such an assumption is a myth. There was no relationship between the process of menstruation and cold water , because of menstruation associated with the body of estrogen hormone.
Menstruation is the process of the uterine wall entirely due to the absence of fertilization. Sickness and absence, or much and little blood comes out of this process is influenced by hormones and psychological factors.
Complaints are also caused by factors of menstrual uterine position. When the position of the uterus causes the neck of the uterus (menstrual blood discharge channel) wedged, it will cause pain.
Certain drugs can prolong or shorten the length of day period, but no connection between menstruation and water ice.
Cold water does not have any effect during menstruation. During a woman does not feel pain or bloating during menstruation, then drinking cold water is fine. Source: mayoclinic;

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